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Do you love the Pays Bigouden, do you want it to have a future and to develop?

Because you believe, as we do, that the Pays Bigouden is an area with little potential.
Because you feel that ideas, desires and means exist, but do not meet sufficiently.
And that collaboration, sharing, joint and sustainable projects, respectful of people and the environment, are the guides for future actions.

The concept

We propose that you get involved in safeguarding, maintaining the activity and respectful development of this territory.

Inspired by successful experiences in Belgium and France, we have created a hotel investment company, Sas Bigouden Makers.

Our ambition is to contribute to the revitalisation of the Pays Bigouden by strengthening its attractiveness. We want to revive emblematic places, and more broadly to bring out places of life, effervescence and creativity.
The principle is simple:
Bigouden Makers is a simplified joint stock company created in 2020 by shareholders involved in the future of the Bigouden region.
The SAS brings together 101 shareholders with a strong and deep attachment to the Pays Bigouden, who contribute to the revitalisation of the region.
Our DNA: Acquire vacant or soon-to-be vacant spaces to create attractive and shared spaces.
Bigouden Makers will be awarded the "Fabrique de Territoire" label in December 2021, with financial support from the State.

Our objectives :

We are convinced that in order to respond to societal, environmental and urban issues, we can act by setting up a structure without speculative purposes.

Our target: to transform old sites and/or tourist buildings such as hotels, holiday centres, which are abandoned, unoccupied, or in the process of being so, into a place for living and sharing which contributes to the development of the area.

The objective is to bring together know-how and efforts within the same entity, in a virtuous circle for the territory.

The model of the structure illustrates the state of mind of its participants: there is no short-term return on investment, but rather a provision of financial means, time for reflection as well as service offers.

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