Pont l'Abbé

Bigouden Makers Pont l'Abbé - Outdoor Garden

Le tiers-lieu

A place where it is good to live, work, exchange and meet... Here is the new face of this historic building of 900 m2, a former hotel, located in the heart of Pont-l'Abbé. To save the heritage by maintaining the activity on the territory, while contributing to a collective and participative approach, such are the objectives of the Bigouden Makers, new owners of the place.

The idea is to promote a better life together in this third place which is shared between a café-boutique, meeting rooms and individual or common coworking spaces. Visitors (or not) will stay in one of the accommodations (rooms or apartments). The authentic aspect of the site has been preserved to offer a sincere, warm and friendly atmosphere. The former Hôtel de Bretagne of Pont-L'Abbé is thus starting a new adventure, rich in encounters and beautiful initiatives.

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The association of bigs

A joyful band of 45 women and 56 men, in love with the Bigouden country and its heritage, who invest themselves to revive emblematic places. Welcome to the Bigs!

What is it?

The 101 shareholders are passionate about their region and its heritage. Their mission? To revitalize the Pays Bigouden, to develop its potential, to revive the hotel park while installing a citizen and entrepreneurial energy.

Our team

Welcome, conviviality, dynamism and efficiency are some of the words that the team of the Bigouden Makers of Pont l'Abbé loves to share. These passionate people will make you discover and appreciate this place full of history.
Cyrille Lullier
Our Mac Guyver
Marion Barillet
Trait d'union café, asso, animations
Pauline Migné
Welcomes you to the café
Lucie Artus
The one that awakens your taste buds
Lenaik Goanec
Responsible for the third place