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The coffee

More than a restaurant, it's a place to live, to get together and to meet people. At our place, we come to relax, drink with friends, snuggle up on a sofa, sip a fresh juice or a beer, read a book, or even organize an afternoon of games. And to create a warm atmosphere, our team of music lovers selects music with love.

Are you a coffee lover? We offer you to taste a specialty coffee (gourmet), produced in the respect of the living and selected for the quality of the work of the producers.

Feeling peckish? No matter the time of day, drinks and pastries are served continuously. Don't hesitate to come with your family, a play corner has been set up for the little ones ;)

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The small restoration

Are you looking for a friendly place for your lunch break or for a family snack? Look no further! We have what you need!

Imagine for a moment delicious home-made dishes made with organic and local products, a menu that changes regularly, plates with flavors and colors that invite you to travel. Imagine all this in a relaxed atmosphere where comfort and human warmth are the key words.

Here is what awaits you during your gourmet break at the Bigouden Makers in Pont l'Abbé! (R)awakening the senses, ethics and environment are at the center of our priorities. That's why we favour short circuits and an anti-gaspi cooking.

Practical information

The good functioning of our place implies certain rules like the respect of the schedules.
That's right! But also, the possibility to enjoy a delicious coffee (or other delicacies).

Wifi access
Un accès WiFi est disponible pour profiter en dégustant un café. Pour travailler pensez aux espaces de coworking.
Les horaires d’accès sont les suivants :
9h - 18h30 du lundi au vendredi
10h - 18h30 le samedi

Our suppliers

At our place, we try as much as possible to buy local. To make work the producers of the region, while limiting the transport and thus for the well-being of the planet.

Here are our favorites:
Eggs: les œufs de marine in Pluguffan (29)
Vegetables: Ty Pois in Pont l'Abbé (29)
Smoked fish: le Fumoir de Poulgoazec in Plouhinec (29)
Bread: Paroles de Pain in Plonéour Lanvern (29)
Mineral water: Maï in Penmarc'h (29)
Kombucha: O.K. Kombucha in Plonéour Lanvern (29)
Coffee : Le Café qui fume in Auray (56)
Teas : Eden des Thés in Langonnec (29)
Herbal teas : Louzaouenn in Plonéour Lanvern (29)
Beers : Merlin in Penmarc'h (29)
Storlock in Concarneau (29)
Poem in Brest (29)
Cider : Des bouteilles à l'Amère, in Clohars Carnoët (29)
Apple juice : Kerné in Pouldreuzic (29)
Chaï spices : Torréfaction Mokxa (69)
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